Vcalorie’s database is based on the FSANZ Database. Vcalorie acknowledges the contribution of nutrient composition data from:


  • Professor Heather Greenfield and co-workers at the University of New South Wales;
  • Associate Professor Jayashree Arcot and others at the University of New South Wales;
  • ‘Tables of composition of Australian Aboriginal Foods’ by J Brand-Miller, KW James and PMA Maggiore;
  • McCance and Widdowson The Composition of Foods and its supplements, United Kingdom Food Standards Agency;
  • the US Department of Agriculture’s National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference;
  • the Concise New Zealand Food Composition Tables, 6th and 8th Editions, New Zealand Institute of Plant & Food Research and The New Zealand Ministry of Health;
  • the Danish Food Composition Databank, Revision 6;

Australian journal articles; and the Australian food industry. Vcalorie would also like to thank the following organisations and individuals who have contributed to the production of this publication. In particular we wish to thank Mr Charles Wannop and, more recently, Mr Jonathan Rumbold for programming assistance, food analysts from government and private agencies who provided analytical services, government regulatory agencies such as the New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research and the New Zealand Food Safety Authority, the Omega-3 Centre, and members of FSANZ’s food composition advisory group. Many food companies have also generously provided data and assistance that has aided in the compilation of NUTTAB 2010.

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